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Slow poison which kills Credence…

Most of the problems we face in our life is because of our misunderstandings with the people for what they have said to us in person or we happen to know by someone else or in some rare occasions it happens we let our imaginations tell us the different story by interpreting the situation…there are obviously countless situations we may fall into that trap or already fallen…but at the end of this consequential misinterpretations, relationship crisis arise…we may start behaving differently altogether to the person assuming that they are thinking ill of us…that will lead us to stop talking to them…just consider how does the person we are avoiding knows that we are having issues with them…if we really wish to retrieve the good relation with that person…we must explain to the person about our doubts and have the patience to listen to their explanation…if we do that, we will realize that all this time we worried ourselves out of nothing…in the absence of explanation to a certain situation, misunderstandings tears the families apart,spoils the longstanding friendship,breaks the promising love…in all the scenarios we pretty much need belief…but when the toxic misinterpretations affects us does its purpose without our knowledge…


A wounded Panther

Only the leaves are trying to convey a deadly secret with the help of  howling wind on a thunderous night…flash of lightening revealed the darkness of dense forest…even the nocturnal beings are  not to be found anywhere….maybe all taken shelter…because they all aware of a sparkle thing which shines in emerald green strolls around the forest at night…

Hi,Hello,I am…#@*%?!$

I was chatting with a person who i got acquainted few weeks ago…i introduced myself by telling my name,my qualification,what i did for bread and butter and what am doing currently and contented about it…but hours later i realized is that my identity or should i tell about what traits i have or i don’t have such one…or do i have to mention how i portray myself in front of everyone or who i really am when am alone…i can pretend to be someone else outside but i know who i am inside…but above all is that all can be my identity…if it is how long i will be able to carry it eternal or was it labelled to me when i came to this world of flesh and blood…in day to day life we all have to introduce ourselves to many people but we never ever got the time to think about it…without realizing we all convinced about us.. am not going to conclude by telling something which is not agreeable by everyone…so am gonna ask myself what is my true identity or i don’t have one at all..sounds ridiculous right…am not judgemental and am not philosophical…its just a open question to everyone…eventually we all will get the answer…till that let us have the advantage of our identity (which we think we have)…

People or Place

When we say we like a place what do we mean by that..let’s forget about travel destinations or the ones who love to be surrounded by mother talking about a place where we all love to stay and live forever…is it OK for us to just have the facility to relish the moment or do we need the people who were actually been with us and made those moments unforgettable…is it possible for us to get delighted without is miserable to look at the streets and play grounds we played once from dawn to dusk,cracked silly jokes and laughed under the trees which has been our favorite spot to play hide and seek,we always come up with new adventurous ideas to do something during the holidays..secret visits to abandoned places in our neighborhood and expecting to find some spooky  details..waiting at each others doorstep and call out our name to pull us out of the house,birthday parties and games,festivals and new years eve…and zillion things we did which we can’t simply write it all down…without those people all the places once we loved looks deserted and we realize we are missing the people we love to be with forever..but places are the ones  witnessed our it possible for us to stay there alone and bring back those wonderful moments…i don’t think what do we prefer People or Places..

Unwritten rule

Two days before I went to my aunt’s home for a pooja(religious belief in our country)held at her locality…she invited me and as well as my cousin sister to participate and perform is performed by group of young girls and was my first time to attend those kind of I went there like normally with my regular soon as I got in to my aunt’s house she looked at me from top to bottom but kept quiet..after a while she told us to get ready..I was like what is there to get ready..come let’s go…she said no no you have to wear proper outfit…then she  turned to my mother and should have told her on how to aunt made me to wear her clothes and jewels…then she said.. look dear, here people respect you by what you wear(clothes and jewels)…I am like what the f***, how can it be…but I kept quiet and finally we went to the gathering where they perform pooja..what I saw there is all glitters..what I mean is the women who gathered there dressed up like that as if they are participating for who shines brighter(no offense ladies) among all…am not saying that women should not dress up or not to wear ornaments..its individuals they carry themselves…dress up to the occasion..because even I do to fit in this avoid being the odd one  out..but what keeps bugging me is the statement my aunt told “People respect you by what you wear”…is that true..if that so..what’s the purpose of knowledge and other qualities..oh forget all those for a while..what about basic manners…so we people are just going to look at the clothes or the soul who is wearing it…

No & No

In day to day life how many times we have said no to people for something and at the same time how many times we have received no from others for the same reason… If we start to count the list will be endless…it’s like what you did to others come back for you..we don’t know the impact of a simple word “no” until we get one…there are things we will be able to say “no” without a second thought..cuz we know it for sure we have to say it..there are many situations where we are compelled to use “no”…but there are some times where we know that we are going to hurt someone..if we say “no” to them we are going to be the most hated one to them for lifetime…they may even call us stone hearted..still we can’t help it…do we….the most hardest thing in the world to me is saying “no” to someone..but with lot of pain I do use the simple yet powerful word “no” in all walks of my life…and I do receive the same….strange but what can we do…we just have to accept it as the way it is…

Something to remember with🥀🥀🥀

How do we remember something or someone in our life…how do we react to something or someone…what makes us to cry or smile…there are some pleasant moments which we want to cherish those till the end…there are some incidents which we never has the nerve to recollect those but we do replay those in our mind often…from where do we get all those emotions to react…MEMORIES…isn’t it…what happens if we lost all memories of a person we love the most…the very thought scares me to hell…no matter how hard we try…even if the person explains how much they are meant to us…is it possible for us to be with them.. will it be the same as before….

Fuming self

Can’t I be thankful for what i am blessed with….why do i get self doubt at times….why am i so unsecured out of blue…and i am ashamed of myself to write about it..why do i get jealous even at my loved ones…why do i compare myself to others…there are countless questions with no answers popping in my head…will i get answer for it all…i don’t think so…i manage it all well whenever these poisonous thoughts breaches my mind….who am i…do i want to be a photocopy of someone….do i need others approval to chase my dreams..should i follow the others….do i have to do the same to get noticed by people or to get appreciation by strangers or to reach my destination…am i not born eccentric to write my story on my own…i must be thankful to the almighty for providing me such an opportunity to live in this beautiful world…it is up to me to make it peaceful,joyous,magical…i must find out my purpose in this world…instead of intervening in others… i must follow my instincts…i must give whatever to fulfill what i have come for…because i may not get another chance to pursue my adventure….

There are times like when we feel like what the heck is happening around us…there is a frustrated voice yelling at us from inside to break everything for once….because nothing goes as it is planned…we feel whole world is slipping from your hand….exhausted from the mission of  finding our lost identity… When it happened and how it happened…not getting the answer for it…despite the fact how many times we ask ourselves…we regret ourselves for the decision which we took in a different state of mind..because those decisions brought us here…where our own family members treat us with negligence… the ones who looked at us with envious eyes before now eagerly waiting to see us fall into pieces…are we sitting idle like the others who think we are…no we aren’t…whichever direction we begin our journey we return back and sometimes pulled back to the place where we started…its like running inside a gigantic maze box….but we will come out of it for sure…in the meantime we must have to remain calm…yes it is not that as easy to stay still in a storm…but we have to..that’s where the life teaches us valuable lessons for lifetime…where we all will know the true colors of the people who are with started to fade as the storm reaches next level…listen to life’s lessons…learn to live with humiliation…till we realise who we really are…time to prove ourselves comes too…not for the world alone…its for us too…but this is not the end…this is just the beginning of real life…..after all its a rough world…until that enter into tranquil state…strike when the time comes…

There are no selfless deeds

Joey is right…..yes you maybe wondering who is joey….what he did…why he is right…he is an exceptional character in a famous television series FRIENDS relayed in 90s originally…. But because of its notable comical concept most of us love it and watch it again and again….in that serial once he said there are no selfless deeds…after watching that episode I keep on pondering whether it is acceptable or not…from that moment I started to observe my actions…I ask myself why am I helping this person…whether they are relatives or friends or acquaintance or special person…whatever I do…indirectly or directly am expecting something in return…i may pretend that am not expecting anything from those who i help or do something…but the truth is am not…my inner self is expecting something in return…what I am expecting in return may vary…it may be a help for help or surprise for surprise or love for love…you can extend the list as long as you can…but my observation is there are no selfless deeds in the world…I do agree with joey…of course that dialog was written by the writers…whoever wrote that dialog…I like to thank them for made me to realise the truth behind it….

Words cannot be taken back

We lose our temper in a fraction of second…our pulse goes high….whether its an argument with our family or anyone….we will never learn to remain calm in a situation like that…how does a simple but a strong comment makes us go crazy…..when we argue we don’t know what we are talking……we just react with the moment….all our knowledge or experience never come to rescue us… our surprise we even curse the person who we argued or fought with….but after sometime… if we think what we did…what we spoken…what we cursed…yes we do curse…..but what is the use of worrying about the  past incident….are we able to take away the curse we spelled….or how many times you pray to the almighty to take away the curse..will it be taken….no what we said is said..moments gone….it cannot be taken back….why can’t we think before arguing or cursing…..

Jealousy Mother

How many mothers are ready to listen to their daughters love story….i don’t think i will get an answer for this question no matter how many times i ask….are we sinners…are we committed any crime…because our mothers treats us like that we did some unforgivable deed…who do we trust…we are unable to share it with our friends….but only friend we trust is our beloved mother….but she is not ready to listen..if we start a conversation about our loved ones…she gets displeased….we like to share how our loved ones care us…how our loved ones loves us….how we feel safe and secure in our loved ones arms…despite the fact it is all personal…we like to share…because she is the one who listens to all our stories…. our mother is the one and only soul protected us from all the worries…she cared us day and night…we are there in her thoughts always…she do everything by keeping us in her mind…she bestowed love upon us…why can’t she be glad that we found someone who care us like her…..she is jealous because she assume that we love our loved ones more than her…no we won’t…how could we do that to her…why don’t she understand MOTHER’S LOVE is irreplaceable in this world….

Battle between heart and mind

Heart tells us to do one thing…..mind commands us to do something else….heart vacillates from one thing to other before finishing the task….mind concentrates on one specific thing until its perfect…..heart is charitable…..mind is authoritative….if we want to follow our heart we have to go like lightening even that is not enough… because every second heart changes its wishes…but if we like to listen to our mind its fine…because mind let us to do things steadily…but reminds us every second…listening to our heart makes us contended…following our mind makes us amenable….both leads us to prosperous life….knowing when to listen between heart and mind….

Situational liars

Is there anyway to stop lying…even if we try to stop we couldn’t…. particularly to the kids we lie uncountable times…because they ask many childish questions and they want everything they like… So we give many false promises….it really hurts when you lie to that innocent soul…but still we lie to their face hoping they will forget eventually……but they never forget…they remember even a small detail…….need not to ask about lying to elderly…or to the others….i feel its impossible to tell the truth to everyone we talk…at some point we have to lie to avoid misunderstanding… stop further questions…. to avoid arguments…and so on…list is endless….if some one is out there…who never lied….and don’t want to lie in future ..I respect them…..

Perfect pair

Have you cried and smiled at the same time…..if not please wait for that precious moment…..its heaven… can’t express that emotion in words…you have to experience it on your own…..all you have to do is wait with patience and hope….your time will come… come a single mail or message or letter or call from our loved ones make us go crazy….we laugh alone…we dance alone….we talk alone….we cry alone…..but the truth is we are not alone….all the time every time our loved ones are with us….do they have to be present with us in person…no they are within us……they are inseparable… force in this universe have the power to separate our loved ones from our heart,mind,memory,thoughts……sometimes we forget who we are…where we are…we forget even to talk….we dwell in the memories of our loved ones thoughts…..we read our loved ones letter infinite times….just to be with their thoughts..sometimes we forget how to make a sentence…coz we are not in this world…. strange thing is sometimes we forget even our loved ones….we focus only on their words…..trying to understand their emotions…..yes we are crazy……let the world call us crazy girls…we love to hear it…

Love for RadhaKrishna

Why do we most of the girls and ladies love RadhaKrishna… it coincidence or some reason behind it…..i presume that we all imagine ourselves with our loved ones as RadhaKrishna….we believe that we are like them….we love our loved ones like Radha loves Krishna….we play with our loved ones like Radha plays with Krishna….we dance with our loved ones like Radha dance with Krishna…we portray ourselves with those poetic lovebirds…….

Emotional black mail

What they want us to do….whether listen to them or listen to our heart…..why do they torture us mentally……yes we agree we are descended from them but because of that do we have to do whatever they say blindly….don’t we have the little freedom to take decisions……why do they push us to the edge…..they are forgetting one thing how much they push us…. that much we will go against them…..why do they corner us for everything we do…how much love we shower upon them….that won’t count…. they stand on their opinion only….my question is do they want us to love them forever or hate them…if we listen to them for their happiness….we will lose our happiness forever….after all they want us to be brokenhearted…our sorrow is their bliss or what…….

Two little butterflies

Flowery meadow there lived a butterfly with broken wings…it wasn’t born impaired…once it was serene… ventured into dark forests,unknown terrain….its zeal for exploring was unbounded…. by a twist of fate… its wings got mangled…unable to recover from its loss…there comes miracle..two little dazzling butterflies caught sight of this broken one..showered grace…everyday those two visited this broken one…emboldened and brought back its indigenous spirit…now all three together adventuring the entire universe with their flamboyant wings…

Spiritual guide

My little brother drives two wheeler with skill….to tell the truth am glad that he become proficient…whenever i sit with him in scooter…every second my heart beats with heavy steps…..its like riding roller matter how many times i tell him to drive at a slow pace….he bring down the speed for sometime and then back to his state…though he drive with full of attention…..i offer my prayers to divine being by chanting in my mind save us god,let him drive with caution…even spiritual guides won’t be able to make me concentrate on a single thought  like my brother does…once we reach home i express my gratitude towards supreme being from bottom of my heart…

My thirst for both

I am in love with two significant involvement with them is enduring and am crazy about them…what challenging right now is with whom should i settle on…its complicated to resolve…because one is amusing me with impressive flavors while the other is seducing me with even more irresistible flavors….both got fine and faulty characteristics…by knowing all these i got i decided to stay away from them and stopped seeing them…but whenever i happen to see them i controlled my urge to go back to them…but i was longing to feel their fragrance and missing the way how they make me feel alive….and i am tempting to taste them…to fulfill my never ending thirst…i decided to choose both and the pleasure is outstanding and i name it as DIRTY CHAI

Mentors not bosses

Is it possible that two entirely distinct nature can work together…if so how they might have worked…both got discernible interests…both worked in many projects..successfully completed and submitted those….went to many project locations….years passed by gradually….devil named promotion came into picture… promoted them to head of different department…do you think that simple diversion will make them apart…never.. still they motivate each other when other is down…discuss technical issues together and resolve it…and at times they do discuss general topics in their cabins…at sometimes they do pull their legs at each other but never gave up…and at sometimes their discussions go into extreme heat…but they come back to normal completely at the end…and at the end of the day of work mostly they go home together..but at sometimes if one has to stay late because of work..other come to the cabin and say bye buddy like good old times…i never saw them leaving without saying bye to each other…its not simple its years of habit…both share delicious Christmas wine cakes,variety of chocolates and even more with us…for that we will be waiting year long…both took us to fine places on their birthdays or when they got promoted…sometimes while discussions i do something ignorant…but they tolerated…but at sometimes when i do extreme blunder they do loss their temper…but its totally because of me…but they calm down immediately after explaining it to me..doesn’t it required to bring out the best in us…what they openly share is…that they also been in this kind of situation but their bosses are still more serious…what i admire is during project submission or in emergency situation they never let us feel the pressure…instead they try to depressurize us by visiting us often and at sometimes sat with us helping to complete our work and guided us to improvise our presentation even after the working hours… they got that tendency to help us in spite of their grade…but they did..when we go out of the city for submitting and presenting our projects to the authorizing group…we were stressed about how are we going to present our project…but they do come with us and motivated us to present our project…and remained with us till the end..once the submission was over its relaxing time…they took us to memorable places..both are exceptionally sound in technical knowledge..they do send us to conferences…even sometimes they come with leisure hours they do come to our lab…sit with us…and share their unforgettable moments..both are observant in their own unique way..they encouraged us to pursue our interests apart from work…and even at sometimes when we were down in our personal problems.. they took a step forward and brought back as from depression and made us to speak out loud…both nurtured us in their own way…i can say that am fortunate to work under both of them for quite a long period…and am blessed to get them as mentors at the beginning of my profession…..

Sublime in disguise

Magnificent lush green garden with full of red and pink roses blossoming everywhere… in middle of that… there is a picturesque pond that reflects spectacular rainbow…inside two adorable swans splashing around delightfully…alongside there is a good old tree…in its branch two euphoric doves are cheerfully chirping around melodiously…. 

Modern appearance of dogs

I lived in Bangalore for the past five years…ours is a peaceful our street four stray dogs are there…first thing i noticed was that their ears got notched…i was curious who might have did this to these poor little creatures…later i came to know its a indication that those dogs are sterilized so not to disturb in future…I just want to know what other cities do to indicate this….in our street around twenty houses are there… each house got toddlers,school going kids,teens….kids play outside in street and they do watch our stray dogs daily…. so if they want to draw picture of a dog..they don’t search in net like us grownups…kids draw pictures of what they see…they recollect what did they saw earlier and there is a chance that kids may draw a dog with their ears notched…if you think this generation kids are smart so they may notice the dogs from other cities are not got cut in their ears but why our street dogs got this different appearance…if they ask us what do we reply to them…even if we explain its a sterilization process..its a mark of indication or something like that in a much simpler way do our kids can understand at their age..what are we going to do…And what puzzles me more is what our stray dogs thinking about their new appearance..from my observation am telling they are not sulking…rather they seem joyfully roaming around…i assume they might have thought that their best friend for generations from generations decided to give them this new trendy avatar for this century….so with this look we can impress more of them…these sweet little dogs trusts us..i can see that these dogs are not whining about what we did to their ears without asking their permission..what i admire is what an easygoing  nature they got… they still play with us cheerfully….we can’t enter into their case if we did..we may be able to know what really they think of…..

Transformation from Parents to Kids again

I just can’t believe the years passed so soon ..the way i look at my parents changed remarkably..i couldn’t figure out how and when it happened…is it me or them who transformed..i got the gut feeling that i have to take care of them..i don’t want them to get hurt..whenever they ask something repeatedly without understanding i get annoyed…but after some insightful thought made me to realize isn’t it the same way we did when we were in childhood..they never got annoyed by that..instead they were delighted… they explained things to us very patiently…now a days when they try to describe about their day we don’t pay much attention…but they did to us even when they were really wrapped up with something important..they used to sit with us and listened to our over imaginative version of our normal day with smile in their face…when we teach newer things like Facebook or whats app or how to use laptop or smart phone to them…they do misinterpret and make blunder…do we leave them like that thinking oh dear god they won’t grasp it..or do we have endurance to help them..because they didn’t left us when we struggled with simple alphabets and something like that…instead boundless times they educated us..isn’t it our responsibility to keep them updated…these days when they try to cross roads they wait for long time..i am disturbed that they lost their courage…i wonder where all their strength and will power gone….so i take their hands and make them cross….like they did when we were kids…sometimes when they take a stroll in the park…they walk really slowly and get distracted by watching kids playing…..i couldn’t get into their mind..what were they thinking…should i get exasperated for this… because they do things slowly…wasn’t i did the same when i was a toddler distracted by things and couldn’t get out of the swing…didn’t they bear it..even when they had other important things to do..but they love being with us as much as possible..they photographed our little achievements,our gradual growth…cherished those..shown to others proudly saying how their children are growing into marvelous person..they gave delightful memories…nowadays when they convey something i try to listen..when they proudly say something about them… like what they did in office or participated in an event… got prize for that or got promoted ..i listen to them adoringly…look at them they are becoming kids again..even sometimes when they get obstinate on some topics or some unreasonable things i let them be…don’t they did the same thing when we cried for ice cream…should i get displeased when my parents fight each other for nothing..or should i make them compromise like they did to me when i was quarreling with my little brother for silly things….i really marvel when they try to talk about newer technologies or subjects even when they really don’t have the slightest idea…but they try to interact with us because they thought at least by talking about these things will make their kids lend an ear to them…isn’t it a shame to all the youngsters…we must take it to heart..didn’t they listen to our stories when we were a child…their stories were the fantasies when we were toddler… but now we don’t believe in them thinking we know more than them…forgetting the truth that they were the reason for what we are now…I observe that things are getting out of our hand…we want to take over responsibility…but our parents refuse it..they don’t want to lose their touch..but it is very indeed for them to leave the rest to us..let them lead peaceful life without worrying about anything..that’s what they gave to us when we were kids…i want them to forget and leave all their worries to us…rejoice their life happily together like a child again…..

Fond of Letters

I wonder how technology replaced everything the way we communicate…Nowadays i guess there are very few people out there writing letters..even very few people exchanges greeting cards….only because of our government system still the post offices are running….because only the government offices posts letters to us…Yes i do agree with advanced technology there are many ways to exchange messages…even i myself use those amazing ways to communicate or wish someone i love..but sometimes i do write letters to my family and friends….At this time i remember when i was at the age of ten or around i used to write letters to my maternal uncles…from bottom of my heart am grateful for them…because they do write letters to my mother….with that they enclose small letter addressed to my name…i don’t know what made them to do that..So i started reading letters on my own…i wished that i too want to reply to my uncles by writing letters on my own…So that’s where my love for writing letters started…i still remember the days i eagerly waited for the letters to come..i was the first one to open the envelope…i especially like the sound of opening a folded letter….that’s an amazing feeling..only the people exchanged letters during those good old days can understand or realize that feeling…now things changed..we talk through mobiles,whats app,Skype and in many more ways within a fraction of second we will be able see and communicate each other…So i started pondering what is the use of writing letters these days…then after a while i reached certain point…when you sit down and write a letter…there are lots and lots of emotions flows into your mind…you recollect all your sweet memories you spent together…even the days go by you may start writing poetical and creative…those days there are no ways to google and search for quotes…so you start writing your own refreshing thoughts for wishing someone on their birthday or some special events…that’s where i realized writing letter is an art..may be in this busy world it helps you to rejuvenate our relationship…sometimes we can’t express ourselves through phone or even in person..but letters came into our rescue..we can express our whole heart with the help of it…most importantly we can cherish the letters we received from our loved ones….and i am telling for sure someday when you clean your cupboards… fortuitously you will notice the will give a thought to read it will love that awesome feeling… i can’t convey that in writing we have to experience it….some people may question about why to write letters in this most advanced world…but to me after writing a letter i feel complete tranquility like the one we get after meditating….Even now also i do write letters to my loved ones when i feel like to write…All you have to do is schedule some time to yourself and pen down your thought’s that’s it…it’s very simple….dwell into that world….

Fucking marriage system

I am not blaming everyone…still some mad people are out there…who decides all these nonsense…why girls have to be like a show piece to everyone..who invented the idea of arranging marriage…who gets to decide to whom we have to be married..To me marriage is just a business…Everyone is just trading there is no love,no feelings,no involvement of heart…its just a trading who gets better boy/girl..Always looking for a better option…I am sick of this nonsense…Girls has to get ready like a doll wearing ornaments,draping traditional saree, wearing makeup and she has to behave like a complete perfect innocent girl…The expectation from everyone is she must be well educated,must be in a good job with attractive package,she must do all the domestic chores,cooking,cleaning,house maintaining,breeding children,taking care of everyone in a family…most important thing is she must be gorgeous,good looking,good natured and perfect 36-24-36 shape.And what frustrating is what some boys expects from girls is she must do all the work and look divine,innocent to everyone at daytime but at night to her husband she has to take care of him like a slut…what a shame how can you expect a girl to be both divine and dirty…she is not a sex machine or robot…she is human,she has feelings,emotions,expectations…If you want go ahead and design a robot to do whatever you want to …Let the girl be like whoever or however she wants to be…she needs liberty….she needs space….Why always boys have to choose the girl….let the girl choose the boys for godsake….why can’t a girl remain a girl forever….why this fucking society wants her to get married…If a girl hits puberty that’s it..her life is finished…she can’t wear whatever dress she likes…she can’t go out whenever she wants…she can’t speak with boys whoever she likes…people around her will start talking nonsense…oh she is having boyfriend or she is having an affair or she is just fooling around…..society name her oh what a slut she is….why can’t a girl having normal relationship with boys….it’s natural….that’s what the nature designed…She can’t even decide her own life..everything depends on family’s pride and society’s concern….Enough is enough…let the girl decide whoever she wants to get married….why this cast,religion,family comes into picture…why can’t she love someone truly and get married to the one she loves….In some families they don’t even bother to discuss with the girls whether she want to get married or whether she really like the boy….she is going to share her entire life with him…we girls just can’t marry a man without knowing or understanding…but some genius people out there telling…everything will become normal once they get married…to me its simply a better trading… lets get married with dowry,lets just have materialistic intercourse,lets have kids,lets plan our life,lets go to work and bring up the children and someday do the same marital business to them also and someday gradually die….. If a girl is not getting married…friends,families,relatives keep torturing the girl family with innumerable questions…why what is the problem…why your daughters marriage is not getting finalised…shall we search a boy for her…everyone at her age are got married and settled…when are you going to give invitation…is there a health problem for her…or love issues…oh please hurry it up otherwise she will elope or runaway with someone…why this bullshit…if our parents are being patient also these disgusting people won’t leave them in peace by putting nonsense in their already worried mind…when this nonsense will come to an end….still unanswered question to many lovely girls for quite long years……..


Let me tell about brooding in simple words,When you’re dwelling on something, you’re brooding about it this can be thoughtful or morbidly obsessed.When you’re brooding, you might be depressed about something you just can’t stop thinking about like the lead character in Hamlet. Brooding can also mean you’re being extremely thoughtful, contemplative, meditative, musing, reflective, or ruminative  those are all good things. You have to look at the context to see if someone is brooding in a positive or negative way.