Slow poison which kills Credence…

Most of the problems we face in our life is because of our misunderstandings with the people for what they have said to us in person or we happen to know by someone else or in some rare occasions it happens we let our imaginations tell us the different story by interpreting the situation…there are obviously countless situations we may fall into that trap or already fallen…but at the end of this consequential misinterpretations, relationship crisis arise…we may start behaving differently altogether to the person assuming that they are thinking ill of us…that will lead us to stop talking to them…just consider how does the person we are avoiding knows that we are having issues with them…if we really wish to retrieve the good relation with that person…we must explain to the person about our doubts and have the patience to listen to their explanation…if we do that, we will realize that all this time we worried ourselves out of nothing…in the absence of explanation to a certain situation, misunderstandings tears the families apart,spoils the longstanding friendship,breaks the promising love…in all the scenarios we pretty much need belief…but when the toxic misinterpretations affects us does its purpose without our knowledge…


11 thoughts on “Slow poison which kills Credence…

  1. Really, we belive every word at its face value and we never verify them. Thats how, people drift apart. I agree with you completely. Nicely written. Thanks for sharing!

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