Hi,Hello,I am…#@*%?!$

I was chatting with a person who i got acquainted few weeks ago…i introduced myself by telling my name,my qualification,what i did for bread and butter and what am doing currently and contented about it…but hours later i realized is that my identity or should i tell about what traits i have or i don’t have such one…or do i have to mention how i portray myself in front of everyone or who i really am when am alone…i can pretend to be someone else outside but i know who i am inside…but above all is that all can be my identity…if it is how long i will be able to carry it..is it eternal or was it labelled to me when i came to this world of flesh and blood…in day to day life we all have to introduce ourselves to many people but we never ever got the time to think about it…without realizing we all convinced about us.. am not going to conclude by telling something which is not agreeable by everyone…so am gonna ask myself what is my true identity or i don’t have one at all..sounds ridiculous right…am not judgemental and am not philosophical…its just a open question to everyone…eventually we all will get the answer…till that let us have the advantage of our identity (which we think we have)…


34 thoughts on “Hi,Hello,I am…#@*%?!$

  1. Even if we bring out the identity which we are convinced to be the one representing us wholly, people choose to see what they want to see. We have multiple identities in the eyes of different people. We might have done the most magnanimous deeds but to some stranger on a daily train commute or a restaurant we are different. Perhaps there could also be the opposite perception. What matters in these myriad of identities is how true we are to the one we believe in…

    Great post.. Reading it, I’m on a serious thought train.. Wished to share with you 😊

    1. Thank you ravindra for your perspective..I totally understand your thoughts…thanks for reading..yes its obvious identity of people is how we look into them..and how we are looked into and understanding is different..

      1. I believe when you unwrap humanity you will find that all our souls are the same. Think of a baby… a curious new born with a pure vacant heart.. As she or he grows, his or her heart is filled with the personalities of the world. How many variations in this process even though we start the same… Our identity is a collective phenomenon in a crude level. So what’s unique.. Honestly I’m still trying to find what’s unique about me … Aren’t we all?

      2. Obvious…and you are really brooding about it..☺..and so do I…thank you for sharing your thoughts on this in your perspective..🌻🌻

  2. Ask them to go through your problem. They will see you for what you really are. They will see the reflection of your thoughts in their minds. That’s more than what most people can do while introducing themselves.

      1. I was going to type ” Ask them to go through your blog. It speaks things you can’t express”. And i somehow typed ” ask them to go through your problem”. That part i messed up .

      2. My blog is called Broody perspective. And yours is brooding. So, yes I believe there’s something there.

      3. Haha. I believe that you deserve that tag. I have been going through some of your work and you have done a really good job at articulating your thoughts.

      4. 🌻i just now read your posts..I particularly loved caged birds…but why your latest three posts not having the options to comment

      5. Hey, Thank you for pointing it out. I didn’t realize that there’s no option to comment. I have enabled comments now. And Thank you for going through my blog. Means a lot to me!

  3. Thoughtful and thought provoking as identity of one is what he or she beliefs and even on denying the identity won’t lost with both outer n inner reflections or coincides…a master of own move one only knows… sometimes it takes many years to find oneself sometimes one is confident of one by no time…great blog dear,keep blogging🌷💕

  4. Like you said Anju, identity is indeed an open question where we keep learning about it, exploring our deeper self and solving internal, read external issue. I am forever waging this battle with the self and such an interesting topic to write about.

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