People or Place

When we say we like a place what do we mean by that..let’s forget about travel destinations or the ones who love to be surrounded by mother talking about a place where we all love to stay and live forever…is it OK for us to just have the facility to relish the moment or do we need the people who were actually been with us and made those moments unforgettable…is it possible for us to get delighted without is miserable to look at the streets and play grounds we played once from dawn to dusk,cracked silly jokes and laughed under the trees which has been our favorite spot to play hide and seek,we always come up with new adventurous ideas to do something during the holidays..secret visits to abandoned places in our neighborhood and expecting to find some spooky  details..waiting at each others doorstep and call out our name to pull us out of the house,birthday parties and games,festivals and new years eve…and zillion things we did which we can’t simply write it all down…without those people all the places once we loved looks deserted and we realize we are missing the people we love to be with forever..but places are the ones  witnessed our it possible for us to stay there alone and bring back those wonderful moments…i don’t think what do we prefer People or Places..


12 thoughts on “People or Place

  1. “secret visits to abandoned places in our neighborhood and expecting to find some spooky  details”
    OMG this is exactly my childhood 😄
    People or places.. Hmmm.. During my final year in college, when people were discussing about what the future plans are the topic of doing higher studies in my university came up and almost in unison we all agreed not to do.. Not because of any quality.. because it’s pretty a good research institute in the country.. We just didn’t want to sit alone in the same green benches where we made all those beautiful memories of a lifetime… God I miss my college.. or should I say the people who made it beautiful ♥

    1. I am glad that we all have some memories in common..beautiful memories right..see thats exactly what I am trying to convey..sitting alone in a place where we enjoyed once is really painful..because those memories are engraved in our heart..thank you for sharing your memories..🌻🌻

  2. It is hard, actually to choose between people and places, as we call both of them home, at some point in our life. But staying at a single place, mesmerized by the memories isn’t always a perfect way to stay happy as it may bear some regret as well was some wish we know will never be fulfilled.

    You helped me walk down my memory lane and retrace the old memories so closely. Nice read. 🙂

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