Unwritten rule

Two days before I went to my aunt’s home for a pooja(religious belief in our country)held at her locality…she invited me and as well as my cousin sister to participate and perform it..it is performed by group of young girls and women..it was my first time to attend those kind of poojas..so I went there like normally with my regular attire..as soon as I got in to my aunt’s house she looked at me from top to bottom but kept quiet..after a while she told us to get ready..I was like what is there to get ready..come let’s go…she said no no you have to wear proper outfit…then she  turned to my mother and said..you should have told her on how to dress..my aunt made me to wear her clothes and jewels…then she said.. look dear, here people respect you by what you wear(clothes and jewels)…I am like what the f***, how can it be…but I kept quiet and finally we went to the gathering where they perform pooja..what I saw there is all glitters..what I mean is the women who gathered there dressed up like that as if they are participating for who shines brighter(no offense ladies) among all…am not saying that women should not dress up or not to wear ornaments..its individuals rights..how they carry themselves…dress up to the occasion..because even I do to fit in this world..to avoid being the odd one  out..but what keeps bugging me is the statement my aunt told “People respect you by what you wear”…is that true..if that so..what’s the purpose of knowledge and other qualities..oh forget all those for a while..what about basic manners…so we people are just going to look at the clothes or the soul who is wearing it…


19 thoughts on “Unwritten rule

  1. Nice post dear, unfortunately that is true in a lot of places around the world, they juge you by how your dressed not the person you are 😞 .


  2. Don’t expect to teach them all..
    Don’t expect them to rise above their shrinked beliefs.., like you said yourself the other day, women are their own enemies.. , so are those faith and rituals..!!
    Rituals above souls!! 😑

  3. It’s a pattern of thought, may be she was unable to decode the true essence of pooja, but souls purity is important n dress code is like a adding charm to souls. It should be without hard n fast rule, try in this case you may wear a rituals decoding of dress n explain the positivity of pure souls importance will guide like a lamp in darkness where beauty should not interpretate in dress code…Be a nice example without hurting aunt follow her rules n explain your interpretation will add a new waves in pooja!

    1. Yes that’s different topic..dress code and rituals and beauty of it…and i certainly respect her beliefs..but what got hold of my mind is her statement regardless of the occasion..just in general…just think how many people got ill treatment or unwanted comments for their dressing..then other thing is what if the person can’t afford such things and they are also part of the world right..

    2. And its a question for myself too ravindra..how I will behave when i have everything…and how I will be when I have nothing…and this world is for everyone..how to be treated and how to treat others is my concern..

  4. I believe, you’re right, it’s simple but complex too situation n really it’s difficult to explain near n dear one’s… And also very thought provoking, Is world for everyone ? Are everyone treated equally ? There are various parameters n segregation where everyone is divided..
    Well best way is psychologically deal with individual to individual and socially with the groups…still I don’t have clue world is dynamic… Keeps on upgrading with enlightenment…hope so if you find something which should be upgraded in the social system, be a guiding light sustainably with your actions for future generation…keep blogging thought provoking blogs💐

    1. Thank you ravindra..for your motivation and great words..i just try to observe and trying to understand the functioning of people and nature..and I am just sharing with you all…thinking maybe you all have seen it or going to see in future..and you can interpret..🌻💚

    2. And yes my friend..I will do follow in actions too..that’s what I should do right..telling us easy but following in actions is what matters..thanks for your guidance my friend

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