No & No

In day to day life how many times we have said no to people for something and at the same time how many times we have received no from others for the same reason… If we start to count the list will be endless…it’s like what you did to others come back for you..we don’t know the impact of a simple word “no” until we get one…there are things we will be able to say “no” without a second thought..cuz we know it for sure we have to say it..there are many situations where we are compelled to use “no”…but there are some times where we know that we are going to hurt someone..if we say “no” to them we are going to be the most hated one to them for lifetime…they may even call us stone hearted..still we can’t help it…do we….the most hardest thing in the world to me is saying “no” to someone..but with lot of pain I do use the simple yet powerful word “no” in all walks of my life…and I do receive the same….strange but what can we do…we just have to accept it as the way it is…


26 thoughts on “No & No

  1. Many types of Nos exist in the world. Motivational Nos, Daunting Nos, Good and bad Nos. And everyone receives all of them one by one at different points of Life…….

  2. ‘No’, easily the simplest negative word one can come across.. but easily the most graceful word it is to begin and end something relevant across all the walks of life..🙃

  3. I have been reading all your posts. All of them are nice ones. But at times very disturbing.. I know what you have written is truth. Hope you are fine, Anjugam. Regards

    1. yes is disturbing..but thats the truth hitting right infront of us..some are trying to ignore it…some are ready to take a peek at it..some are ready to accept the way it is…

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