Something to remember with

How do we remember something or someone in our life…how do we react to something or someone…what makes us to cry or smile…there are some pleasant moments which we want to cherish those till the end…there are some incidents which we never has the nerve to recollect those but we do replay those in our mind often…from where do we get all those emotions to react…MEMORIES…isn’t it…what happens if we lost all memories of a person we love the most…the very thought scares me to hell…no matter how hard we try…even if the person explains how much they are meant to us…is it possible for us to be with them.. will it be the same as before….


4 thoughts on “Something to remember with

  1. With a person that has alshimers no things will never be the same or with someone that has had a major brain injury, all we can do is show them love and kindness. 歹儭


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