Fuming self

Can’t I be thankful for what i am blessed with….why do i get self doubt at times….why am i so unsecured out of blue…and i am ashamed of myself to write about it..why do i get jealous even at my loved ones…why do i compare myself to others…there are countless questions with no answers popping in my head…will i get answer for it all…i don’t think so…i manage it all well whenever these poisonous thoughts breaches my mind….who am i…do i want to be a photocopy of someone….do i need others approval to chase my dreams..should i follow the others….do i have to do the same to get noticed by people or to get appreciation by strangers or to reach my destination…am i not born eccentric to write my story on my own…i must be thankful to the almighty for providing me such an opportunity to live in this beautiful world…it is up to me to make it peaceful,joyous,magical…i must find out my purpose in this world…instead of intervening in others… i must follow my instincts…i must give whatever to fulfill what i have come for…because i may not get another chance to pursue my adventure….


13 thoughts on “Fuming self

  1. Nice post dear, yes only you can make your dreams come true, it’s not handed out on a silver platter like we would like. ❀️✌️


  2. First,
    Come here..
    Calm down yourself.
    50% is solved….😘😘.
    And for your questions,
    Well this is a STAGE. A hallucinated state….There’s nothing but your empty thoughts…….
    Everything’s alright. Don’t think about anything. It’s Fine…
    You can read my post STAGES If you wish… πŸ™‚πŸ™‚…
    If there’s any problem you want to discuss personally, feel free to email me at bobbysekhon59@gmail.com.

      1. You’re most welcome my friend….
        Take care of yourself….

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