There are times like when we feel like what the heck is happening around us…there is a frustrated voice yelling at us from inside to break everything for once….because nothing goes as it is planned…we feel whole world is slipping from your hand….exhausted from the mission of  finding our lost identity… When it happened and how it happened…not getting the answer for it…despite the fact how many times we ask ourselves…we regret ourselves for the decision which we took in a different state of mind..because those decisions brought us here…where our own family members treat us with negligence… the ones who looked at us with envious eyes before now eagerly waiting to see us fall into pieces…are we sitting idle like the others who think we are…no we aren’t…whichever direction we begin our journey we return back and sometimes pulled back to the place where we started…its like running inside a gigantic maze box….but we will come out of it for sure…in the meantime we must have to remain calm…yes it is not that as easy to stay still in a storm…but we have to..that’s where the life teaches us valuable lessons for lifetime…where we all will know the true colors of the people who are with started to fade as the storm reaches next level…listen to life’s lessons…learn to live with humiliation…till we realise who we really are…time to prove ourselves comes too…not for the world alone…its for us too…but this is not the end…this is just the beginning of real life…..after all its a rough world…until that enter into tranquil state…strike when the time comes…


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