There are no selfless deeds

Joey is right…..yes you maybe wondering who is joey….what he did…why he is right…he is an exceptional character in a famous television series FRIENDS relayed in 90s originally…. But because of its notable comical concept most of us love it and watch it again and again….in that serial once he said there are no selfless deeds…after watching that episode I keep on pondering whether it is acceptable or not…from that moment I started to observe my actions…I ask myself why am I helping this person…whether they are relatives or friends or acquaintance or special person…whatever I do…indirectly or directly am expecting something in return…i may pretend that am not expecting anything from those who i help or do something…but the truth is am not…my inner self is expecting something in return…what I am expecting in return may vary…it may be a help for help or surprise for surprise or love for love…you can extend the list as long as you can…but my observation is there are no selfless deeds in the world…I do agree with joey…of course that dialog was written by the writers…whoever wrote that dialog…I like to thank them for made me to realise the truth behind it….


9 thoughts on “There are no selfless deeds

  1. Good, thoughtful post. There are people who do or did selfless deeds their whole life ( mother Theresa comes to mind) but for the majority of us mere mortals…yo are probably right

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