Words cannot be taken back

We lose our temper in a fraction of second…our pulse goes high….whether its an argument with our family or anyone….we will never learn to remain calm in a situation like that…how does a simple but a strong comment makes us go crazy…..when we argue we don’t know what we are talking……we just react with the moment….all our knowledge or experience never come to rescue us…..to our surprise we even curse the person who we argued or fought with….but after sometime… if we think what we did…what we spoken…what we cursed…yes we do curse…..but what is the use of worrying about the  past incident….are we able to take away the curse we spelled….or how many times you pray to the almighty to take away the curse..will it be taken….no what we said is said..moments gone….it cannot be taken back….why can’t we think before arguing or cursing…..


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