Jealousy Mother

How many mothers are ready to listen to their daughters love story….i don’t think i will get an answer for this question no matter how many times i ask….are we sinners…are we committed any crime…because our mothers treats us like that we did some unforgivable deed…who do we trust…we are unable to share it with our friends….but only friend we trust is our beloved mother….but she is not ready to listen..if we start a conversation about our loved ones…she gets displeased….we like to share how our loved ones care us…how our loved ones loves us….how we feel safe and secure in our loved ones arms…despite the fact it is all personal…we like to share…because she is the one who listens to all our stories…. our mother is the one and only soul protected us from all the worries…she cared us day and night…we are there in her thoughts always…she do everything by keeping us in her mind…she bestowed love upon us…why can’t she be glad that we found someone who care us like her…..she is jealous because she assume that we love our loved ones more than her…no we won’t…how could we do that to her…why don’t she understand MOTHER’S LOVE is irreplaceable in this world….


3 thoughts on “Jealousy Mother

  1. Very emotionally written, love n affections…like a social current it flows…jealousy mother nice thoughtful title, beautifully emotional painfully expressed lover at one end n mother’s interpretation, keep blogging friend💐

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